Ethiopia Burtukaana Bombe Sidamo 250g

210,00 kr
Bright and sweet. Creamy. Apricot and red berries. Fruity and intense.
210,00 kr


Ethiopia, Burtukaana Bombe, Sidamo



Mixed varietals






January 2023


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Tariku Coffee works to achieve the very best G1 Ethiopias in West Arsi
and Sidamo, and has been awarded for the great results. They name their
selection after two coffee concepts, "Sidama Coffee" and "Werka Coffee".
This particular lot is "Sidama Coffee", meaning it is made out of
cherries that have been harvested and processed in Bensa, Sidama.

These coffees have been exported through the private exporter
Tariku Kare, which is a new partner of our sister company Tropiq. Tariku
Kare Exporters brought us coffee from two different Ethiopian regions, Sidamo and West Arsi,
where they also manage their own mill in both locations. Tariku Kare
Exporters received recognition from Africa Fine Coffee Association due
to the amazing quality coffee they have provided over the years. It is
now time for us to enjoy the great results!

About the area:

The Tariku Coffee Farms are located at high altitudes, ranging
between 1900 and 2150 meters above sea level, which is a key factor to
grow G1 coffee beans. Generally, coffees are grown at 1,900 - 2,200 masl
and processed at 1900 - 2100 masl.

Coffee from these areas is commonly known as Sidama Coffee, and it
offers distinct and unique cup profiles. Generally, coffees are sweet
and balanced, with spicy/winey notes and the right acidity.

Harvest and post-harvest:

These coffees are harvested from October to January, practicing
selective hand picking to achieve the greatest quality in the cup. The
varietal is indigenous heirloom, which is planted on fertile, red-brown,
well-drained soil. The screen size of these beans is 14+.

Coffees are processed as G1 naturals and fully washed - using direct spring water.

Social responsibilities:

Tariku Coffee engages in social responsibilities by investing back
into their community. Work opportunities are generated for the local
citizens, especially women, and social welfare. They employ 20 permanent
employees and 600 workers.

Tariku Kare claims to donate part of the earnings to charity by
supplying school materials to children from low-income families and
offering financial help to the families. Additionally, Tariku offers
training at the farm to help farmers achieve great quality coffee in
order to incentivise the production of specialty, and they have as well
created a platform for local growers to help them retail their products
at the national level.