The World Champion V60 brewing tecnique

I always try to keep it as simple as possible, but yet as good as possible. Using few parameters makes it easier to duplicate. For a transparent, nuaced, open and soft brew, my choice of equipment is the Hario V60, the same I use to win the World Championships with.

Try to always keep your parameters the same. If you need to do some adjustments, change only one of the parameters at the time.

My recipe is simple for brewing the Hario V60 -02. 32g freshly filter-grounded coffee, 500g of fresh 92-94C water, 3.30-4 min total extraction time.

Brewing the V60 -02 size, I will use 90-100g water for the bloom, just to make sure all coffee is soaked in water. The second pour (at 35-45 sec) I find the most important. I pour with more force, a bit more distance will make the water hit the coffee with more force. This is when you "wash out" the good stuff... Up to 300g (1min). I wait, until almost all water is went through (1:30 min). I will take one swipe round the edges of the filter to move all coffee down to a nice flat surface at the bottom of the filter. From here, I will follow up with many small gentle pours, trying to keep the water level just above the coffee-bed. I will aim for finish my pours at 3:00, the remaining water will run through within the next 30-45 sec. Making a total extraction time 3.30-3.45. (This is normal with coffees 1-2 weeks after roasting).

If you have problems with water flow going to fast or slow to hit the 3.30 mark. Do the adjustment of more or less water at the second pour.

Key to make it as good as possible, is keeping water level as low as possible towards end of brewing. High water level at end, makes big risk of bypassing diluted water through walls of the paper filter. Bypass at second pour is not an issue, due to high consentration of coffee substanses in water during second pour!

Good luck!